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Here are some lovely pictures of cats that come to the Scratching Post Cat Hospital. Some of these cats have been through a lot in life and we are happy that they now have wonderful homes.

If your cat uses the Scratching Post (good cat !) and you'd like to see him/her on this page, e-mail a picture to:

Princess: Princess has come a long way. She's a tripod and doing very well fussing lovingly over a new cat that her mom adopted. (Pic 3/04)

Scooter: Born with no pelvis, and hence no back legs, Scooter has managed to overcome all of life's challenges and now can walk (NOT scoot) with just 2 legs. He actually lifts his hind end up and resembles a kangaroo when walking around. Scooter is a very happy and well-adjusted cat whose loving mom would not stop until she found a vet who didn't recommend euthanasia for Scooter just because of his handicap. Today, Scooter climbs, walks, runs and plays effortlessly thanks to people who gave him a chance at life. He is an inspiration to us ! (2005)

Bee: Found abandoned at 2 weeks old. We nursed him, taught him how to eat solid food and found him a wonderful home. Bee is one of the sweetest, most trusting cat we've seen. -12/02

Bob: A pampered bob of Persian furball. Bob lives with 4 other well pampered cats. (Pic 2/04)

Smokey C: Reacting to the day's headlines (Pic 09/05)

Lucky & Lizzie: Time Out ! (4/2005)

Leah: Found wandering the streets in the rain. Leah loves to chirp and is very friendly. She went to the same home as Bee. -3/03

Lenore: Fluffy cat that loves to sleep upside down and chirp at birds. Sometimes, she purrs really loudly ! (1996)

Mindi's 5 wonder cats: Sitting pretty at a photo studio. (12/05)

Buckley: Found in a carrier at the Ironhorse Park in the middle of winter 2002. There were leaves and snow on top of his carrier when he was found. He had obviously been left out at least overnight. His scratching post and misc items were found next to him. Buckley is a sweet Manx. He might have grown up in a home with kids who didn't give him his space. He is a little funky but loves to be loved and petted. Buckley likes to groom you and is very playful. After a little over a year. Buckley got adopted into a wonderful home. Buckley's new people have really forged a bond with him. (Update: Buckley was killed in a car accident. Please drive carefully and look on both sides for animals darting out onto the streets, especially when driving in residential areas.) (2002)

KimmieKimmie:Wandering around a neighborhood begging for food. Kimmie wass crazy for 4-5 months as an indoor cat at our clinic but when we foiund her a barn, she turned into a very sweet cat. Kimmie loves her barn, sunshine and rolling around in the straw. She greets all the visitors to the farm. 4/03